8 good tips for Networking

In Denmark, it is said that a large percentage of jobs are never listed and usually filled through networking. Networking is about building relationships and connections in a meaningful and organised way through first level contacts (people you know well), second level contacts (people you know less well) and third level contacts (people you do not know yet).

Networking is an excellent, comprehensive way to broaden your thinking horizon, get new ideas, new projects to work on, new information about job leads, companies, and acquire knowledge about new markets/sectors that you had not ever thought of. People you connect with over networking, often help you solve problems, identify new market opportunities and provide you with inspiration.

Whether you are considering to expanding your professional network, looking for your next job, or changing career paths, networking can provide you with valuable information and insights at every stage of your job search process.

If you are a PhD Student you can join the Ph.D. association at the university of Copenhagen (UCAPS). The Dual Career ~ Spouse Network present partners and networks that may also expand your career opportunities. You can also join networking groups for young researchers in one of the Danish unions e.g.: