Events and Courses

Annual cycle

As a young researcher at the University of Copenhagen you may work with your skills, by participating in a range of events, workshops, seminars and courses as shown in the image above (click on image to enlarge). You can read more about the offerings in the month-by-month overview below.

Once employed, you also have access to the extensive UCPH' Course Catalogue and Departments and Faculties also offer many relevant events.

In addition, as an employee you can find and sign up for more courses, events and workshops at your local department.













CV and Cover letter workshop

A workshop that focuses on inspiring you and sharing practical methods on how you can strengthen and personalise your job application material. You will get tips on how to reflect your transferable skills in your CV and cover letter.

Project management

A project management course in 3 modules introducing you relevant, fundamental and central project management tools and the newest studies within project management. Through intensive training, participants will work with their own project management and leadership of specialists including learning about the University of Copenhagen’s project model.