Administrative and research support staff positions

UCPH is of the largest work places in the capital, and just under half of the 9.000 staff works with administration and research support. These staff ensure that UCPH can utilize its size and diversity to produce results of the highest standard. In 2013 Monocle Magazine heralded Copenhagen as “the most liveable city in the world”.

Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth at the Niels Bohr Institute, Faculty of Science, the University of Copenhagen is looking for a student laboratory helper as with effect from mid-September 2019 Faculty of Science Niels Bohr institutet 22-08-2019
Scientific Executive Assistant Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research 25-08-2019
Project manager for The Lundbeck Foundation Geogenetic Centre Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Globe Institute 27-08-2019
Computionational ancient DNA analyses Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Lundbeck Foundation GeoGenetics Centre 01-09-2019
FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMMER FOR WEB-BASED SYSTEM PROGRAMMING Faculty of Science Niels Bohr Institutet 09-09-2019
Secretary General - 4EU+ European University Alliance Paris, France University Management The 4EU+ European University Alliance, Paris, France 27-09-2019