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For me it was important early in my PhD to start thinking about w​hat I wanted to do. I reflected on what actually motivate​d me ​and made me happy in my work life. So instead of focusing on jobs closely related to my field, I was very open​-minded in my job seach and that led me to my current job.

Emil Frederik Lundbjerg Møller PhD in Philosophy, Chief Consultant at the Danish Broadcasting Cooperation (DR)
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  • Start thinking about your career earlyon (See career planning)
  • Consider what you enjoy in your professional life – and what you miss – and look for professions that match your preferences (See career tools)
  • Check out joblisting for inspiration – and be open-minded (See jobsites)

If you want a career outside academia, you should explore which of your scientific experiences will have value outside of academia. Invest in obtaining relevant transferable skills, such as presentation skills, project management and organizational skills. Also, do not wait for the right job to pop up. Be proactive, contact people in your network and discuss the opportunities.

Susanne den Boer Beckers Ph.D. in Science, Senior Adviser Research Data Management at Information Security Unit, Research and Innovation, University of Copenhagen

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If you want to persue a scientific career, you need to nuture your network and work hard on publishing your work in the best scientific papers early in your career. And you need to focus on the impact your work has on society. Besides from that don’t be afraid of making mistakes but enjoy the adventure that a career as a scientist will bring you.

Anders Anker Bjørk PhD in geography, Tenure track at Natural History Museum Denmark

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