Tenure-track at UCPH

The tenure-track programme at UCPH is designed to attract the most talented scholars with an established reputation for high quality research and a commitment to learning and teaching at university level.

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The tenure-track programme at UCPH

Within the tenure-track programme at UCPH you enter the programme as assistant professor and if successful you are promoted to associate professor by the end of the programme. As a programme aiming at an open ended appointment, successful applicants are first offered a contract as assistant professor for a term of six years, in which the assistant professor is expected to acquire the qualifications of associate professor. At the end of the six-year term, the assistant professor is promoted to associate professor if an expert review confirms that the associate professor has acquired the international level of scholarly excellence characteristic of associate professors. Further promotion to full professor is contingent upon calls/advertisements for vacant positions as full professor.

The six-year period as assistant professor may be extended by maternity leave, paternity leave and/or adoption leave.

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The profile of the tenure-track assistant professor

Successful applicants to tenure-track assistant professor positions must be scholars with an internationally competitive research profile, whose potential is at the forefront of their discipline.

Applicants must hold a Ph.D or have served as post. docs. or assistant professors and will primarily be evaluated on the basis of their documented international scholarly achievements. Some teaching experience is needed. Further documented teaching qualifications will be considered an advantage. Out-reach qualifications of applicants, including the ability to attract external funding, will also be taken into account and considered an advantage.

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The tenure-track programme

In the UCPH tenure-track programme, assistant professors are subject to three types of review during the tenure-track period:

  • an annual performance and development review
  • mid-career appraisal
  • a final tenure assessment.

The overall purpose of the review system is to ensure and maintain the high academic standards among the university’s senior faculty staff. To meet these standards, the assistant professor is offered a mentor.

The head of department arranges the annual performance and development reviews to ensure that the assistant professor has performed satisfactorily to date and according to the agreed tenure plan. The mid-carrier appraisal is carried out after three years of employment by a panel of two specialist scholars and the head of department and assesses whether the assistant professor has performed satisfactorily to date.

In the final tenure evaluation, an assessment committee is appointed consisting of the department head, the head of studies/deputy department head for teaching and, usually, two experts. The assessment committee decides whether the assistant professor has acquired the academic level appropriate for associate professors. The basis for this assessment is the six criteria for appointment of associate professors at the University of Copenhagen. Following a positive evaluation, the assistant professor obtains tenure as associate professor.

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