The recruitment process

Recruitment process – for faculty and academic staff

The recruitment process at UCPH takes three to six months on average, depending on the type of position.

Here you can see a flow chart of the recruitment process from posting the advert until the post is filled, and you can read about the process below.

For information on applying for vacant positions, see How to apply.

• The position is advertised for at least 14 days on this site.

• All applications must be submitted using the "APPLY" button at the bottom of the advertisement. When received, applications are assessed by HR for compliance with the formal requirements in the advertisement for the post.

• After expiry of the application deadline, the manager in charge of recruitment reviews all submitted applications together with the Appointments Committee. They assess which applicants are most relevant according to the requirements in the advertisement for the post and send them to the Assessment Committee for review.

•All applicants will be notified whether they are being passed to assessment or not.

• The Assessment Committee is appointed on the basis of recommendations by the Academic Council.

• Applicants submitted for assessment will be notified of the composition of the Assessment Committee.

• The Assessment Committee makes a non-prioritised assessment of the academic qualifications of applicants with respect to research, teaching and outreach and other requirements listed in the advertisement.

• HR undertakes legality checks and sends assessments out to applicants for consultation.

• The manager tasked with recruitment decides in conjunction with the Appointments Committee which of the applicants submitted for assessment are to be invited for interview and possibly a trial lecture.

• Academic and personal characteristics are assessed and explored in more detail at interview.

• The recruiting manager makes a decision on appointment in conjunction with the Appointments Committee.

• An offer of employment is sent to the candidate and salary negotiations start.

• Rejection letters are sent to the unsuccessful candidates.