Criteria for recognising merit

The criteria for recognising merit in relation to assistant professor, associate professor and professor positions explain the academic practice and clarify the progression within the three job categories. At the same time, the criteria support both rigour and breadth in the University’s practice of recognising merit when recruiting academic staff. Clarity and transparency are important for a fair recruitment process, and it is part of the  University’s equality and diversity effort.

How to read the criteria

UCPH has six main criteria. Under each of the main criteria, there is first a brief overall description of the characteristics of the position when holding it followed by a number of specific criteria. The specific criteria are to be understood as admission or entrance criteria for the three job categories, i.e. skills that the individual academic staff member possesses when taking up the position. Se an introduction for recognising merit here.

The University’s criteria are a supplement to the applicable ministerial job structure for academic staff at any time, which all universities must comply with.



















Assistant professor

Associate professor


 Assistant professors participate in grant application activities regarding research funds.

Associate professors are in charge of grant application activities regarding research funds.

Professors initiate grant application activities regarding research funds and obtain and manage funds.

Appointment as assistant professor requires:

Appointment as associate professor requires:

Appointment as professor requires:

Experience of participating in grant applications for research funds

Experience of applying for research funds

Experience of applying for, obtaining and managing research funds