Associate professor on the promotion programme

The University of Copenhagen offers particularly talented associate professors’ employment with the possibility to enter into a promotion programme that can lead to employment as a professor.​ To be employed as an associate professor on the promotion programme, the candidate must both qualify to work as an associate professor now and demonstrate the potential to transition into a position as a professor at the end of the programme. Both will be assessed based on the UCHP criteria for merit.

An associate professor is usually on the promotion programme for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 8 years. During the programme, there will be annual interviews with the head of department to assess if the associate professor is “on track”. The programme ends with a final assessment before transitioning to professorship.

Associate professorships are regularly advertised on UCPH with the option of admission to the University's promotion programme.

Your application for a position as associate professor on the UCPH promotion programme must include a CV, List of publication and teaching portfolio. 

It is a good idea to take a closer look at the University's professorship criteria when you are preparing your application, as they are a central part of the promotion programme.

An assessment committee will assess your application, both in relation to the associate professor position based on the University's Associate professorships and in relation to your professor potential. Your potential as a professor is assessed based on the University's professorship criteria.

Appointment as associate professor on the UCPH promotion programme requires a positive assessment. Based on the assessment, an appointment committee will decide whether you are be offered the position.

After appointment and admission to the promotion programme, you discuss the promotion plan with the head of department and any adjustments are made based on the comments during the recruitment process.

The plan then serves as a reciprocal agreement.

The promotion dossier forms the basis for assessing your progress and development during the promotion programme. In the dossier, which you must regularly update, you describe your goals, contributions and progress in relation to the University’s professorship criteria.

You have annual meetings with your head of department based on your promotion plan and the promotion dossier.

The purpose of the annual interviews is to give you a clear sense of whether you are “on track”.

You will also discuss and plan your interim evaluation and final assessment when this becomes relevant for you.

In dialogue with you, the head of department decides when it is time for the interim evaluation. The interim evaluation is typically initiated after 2-4 years in the programme.

If, prior to this time, it has become clear that you are ready for the final assessment in the near future, and it therefore serves no purpose to proceed with the interim evaluation, the interim evaluation will be omitted. On the other hand, if you are not ready for the final assessment within the near future after four years, the interim evaluation is compulsory.

The evaluation must be carried out in relation to the goals of the promotion plan including The University's professorship criteria, so that you know which areas you need to work with in order to meet the criteria for the final assessment.

The interim evaluation may replace or be integrated into the annual meeting for that year.

In dialogue with you the head of department decides to begin the final assessment usually at the earliest after 2 years and at the latest after 7.5 years on the programme.

An assessment committee consisting of at least one internal member and two external professors at an international level will be appointed. The committee will prepare an academic assessment based on the University's professorship criteria. The academic requirements placed on you for the transition to a professorship via the promotion programme are in compliance with the requirements made of applicants applying for open professorship postings.

You must submit your CV, list of publications and teaching portfolio as part of the assessment.

If you do not request an assessment within the 7.5 years, or if you are assessed as ‘not academically qualified’, your associate professorship will continue outside the promotion programme.

However, you can request an additional attempt before the programme expires (within the 8 years).

It is a prerequisite for transition to employment as professor that you are assessed as academically qualified.

The Dean makes the decision about the transition to appointment as professor based on the academic assessment.