Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Full Professor of Machine Learning

Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Full Professor of Machine Learning
Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Science
University of Copenhagen

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen (https://di.ku.dk/english/) invites applications for a number of positions as Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Full Professor in Machine Learning.

It is a high priority at the Department of Computer Science to foster a research environment of highest excellence allowing people from diverse backgrounds to thrive. The successful applicant will join a rapidly growing and highly international department, with strong research in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Complexity, Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval, Image and Medical Image Analysis, Bioinformatics, Human-Centered Computing, Software Engineering and Data Management, Programming Languages, and other areas of computer science. The department is heading 2 centers within Artificial Intelligence: the SCIENCE AI Center (https://ai.ku.dk/) and the Pioneer Center within Artificial Intelligence (https://di.ku.dk/ai-centre/).

We are looking for candidates to strengthen and complement the research profile of the department within machine learning in the broad sense. Research areas of interest include, but not limited to: 

  • Machine learning theory
  • Development of machine learning tools for specialized domains
  • Scalable and efficient machine learning
  • Applications of machine learning to sustainability, including environment and the energy sector
  • Quantum machine learning
  • Societal aspects surrounding the use of machine learning, such as fairness, ethics, and privacy. 

Potential candidates are expected to have a publication track record at the premier venues within machine learning, including, but not limited to NeurIPS/ICML/COLT/JMLR.

The University wishes our staff to reflect the diversity of society and thus welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background.

Tenure-track assistant professor
Duties of  tenure-track assistant professor will primarily include their research, including publishing and scientific communication, and research-based teaching. To a limited extent the position may also include other duties.

Assessment of applicants for the tenure-track assistant professorship will primarily consider their level of documented, internationally competitive research. We are looking for candidates with an academic standing showing internationally competitive research, as well as high potential to make a future impact within their area of research. Experience with attracting external funding and experience with outreach activities will be considered an advantage. Teaching qualifications are not mandatory, but documented teaching qualifications and teaching experience will be positively considered.

The tenure-track assistant programme
The tenure-track programme is a career programme. An assigned mentor will provide the tenure-track assistant professors with guidance related to career development, other academic topics, and administrative procedures.

Performance of the tenure-track assistant professor will be followed via internal yearly evaluations and a mid-term and final international evaluation by an assessment committee. If the ‘final appraisal’ is positive you will be promoted to associate professor. Performance and progression towards the criteria below will be evaluated with due consideration of differences between research fields.

After a 6-year tenure-track period tenure-track assistant professors are expected to meet the criteria for appointment of associate professors at the University of Copenhagen. If the criteria are met, the tenure-track assistant professor will be promoted to a tenured associate professorship position.

Associate professor and full professor
Duties include the applicant’s own research, development of the field, assessment tasks, grant applications, and research management, such as supervision and training of research fellows and other staff. The successful applicant must also teach, supervise bachelor and master students, prepare, and participate in examinations, and fulfill other tasks requested by the Department.

Assessment of applicants for the associate professorship and full professorship will primarily consider their level of documented, original scientific production at an international level, including contributions to developments in their field, as well as their documented teaching qualifications. Applicants are required to have university level teaching experience, documented teaching competencies, and must be able to explain and reflect upon own teaching practice and portfolio. The applicants are expected to have formal pedagogical training equivalent to the University of Copenhagen teacher training program for assistant professors. In absence of such training, it will be offered by the university. Managerial and outreach qualifications of applicants, and experience with attracting external funding will also be considered.

University of Copenhagen’s criteria for recognising merit
Six overall criteria apply for assistant professor / associate professor / professor appointments at the University of Copenhagen. The six criteria (research, teaching, societal impact, organizational contribution, external funding and leadership) are considered a framework for an overall assessment of the candidates. Furthermore, each candidate must be assessed according to the specific requirements stated in the job advertisement. Please read more here:

For tenure-track assistant professors: https://jobportal.ku.dk/videnskabelige-stillinger/kriterier-for-videnskabelige-stillinger/dokumenter-til-meritering/5a_Criteria_for_recognising_merit_-Assistant_professors.pdf.

For associate professors: https://jobportal.ku.dk/videnskabelige-stillinger/kriterier-for-videnskabelige-stillinger/dokumenter-til-meritering/5b_Criteria_for_recognising_merit_-Associate_professors.pdf.

For professors: https://jobportal.ku.dk/videnskabelige-stillinger/kriterier-for-videnskabelige-stillinger/dokumenter-til-meritering/5c_Criteria_for_recognising_merit_-professors.pdf.

Terms of employment
The position is open from 1 February 2024, or as soon as possible thereafter.

The position is covered by the Memorandum on Job Structure for Academic Staff.

Terms of appointment and payment accord to the agreement between the Danish Ministry of Taxation and The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations on Academics in the State.

Negotiation for salary supplement and relocation expenses is possible.

We note that Denmark protects the economic, social, physical, and mental well-being of its workers, and provides public healthcare and other social benefits. Work-life balance is ranked high, and all employees get six weeks of paid annual vacation. A standard work week in Denmark is 37 hours. Copenhagen is one of the 10 most livable cities in the world with a rich culture within music, theater, and associations (https://www.visitcopenhagen.com). Family life is supported by a generous parental leave for both parents and subsidised daycare. The International Staff Mobility office (ISM) at the University of Copenhagen (https://ism.ku.dk) offers a variety of services to international researchers coming to and working at the University of Copenhagen, as well as support for dual careers and partner networks. Useful information on living and working in Denmark is also available at www.workindenmark.dk.

The Department of Computer Science offers a friendly and thriving international research and working environment and an experienced research support unit that offers mentoring and assistance when applying for funding. Denmark hosts a variety of public and private foundations that, together with EU funding, provide ample opportunities for building up internationally competitive research groups.

Further information
For further information about the Department of Computer Science, please visit https://di.ku.dk/english/.  Inquiries about the position can be made to Head of Department, Professor Jakob Grue Simonsen (simonsen@di.ku.dk) or Head of the Machine Learning section, Yevgeny Seldin (seldin@di.ku.dk).

Filing of application
The position may be applied for at the tenure-track assistant professor level, associate professor level or full professor level. Please note that it is possible to apply at more than one level. If applied at more than one level, separate applications must be submitted (see below).

The application including all attachments must be in English and submitted electronically by clicking APPLY NOW below.

Applying for the tenure-track assistant professorship please include

  • Curriculum vitae including:
    • Please describe and document international network and relations
    • Please describe and document internationally based activities
    • Positions held at universities/research institutions outside Denmark
    • Outreach activities, i.e. popular lectures or other activities in the media
    • Grants held, personal or in part. Career development grants.
  • Diplomas (Master and PhD degree or equivalent)
  • Research plan - description of current and future research plans
  • If available, description and documentation of teaching and supervision experience and qualifications- please describe and document:
    • Experience with supervision of BSc and MSc students
    • Teaching experience
    • Formal pedagogical training
  • Complete publication list
  • Separate reprints of up to 5 particularly relevant papers

Applying for the associate professorship or full professorship please include

  • Curriculum vitae including information about external funding
  • Diplomas (Master and PhD degree or equivalent)
  • Research plan – description of current and future research plans
  • Description and documentation of teaching experience and qualifications according to university guidelines
  • Complete publication list
  • Separate reprints of 5 particularly relevant papers

The deadline for applications is Sunday 6th August 2023

After the expiry of the deadline for applications, the authorized recruitment manager selects applicants for assessment on the advice of the Interview Committee.

You can read about the recruitment process at https://employment.ku.dk/faculty/recruitment-process/.

Interviews will be held on [dato for ansættelsessamtaler].  

Please refer to the following no. in future communication in this case:

211-0174/23-2N Tenure-track assistant professorship of Machine Learning

211-0509/23-2E Associate professorship of Machine Learning

211-0238/23-2K Professorship of of Machine Learning


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Application deadline: 06-08-2023
Employment start: 01-02-2024
Department/Location: Department of Computer Science

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