Programme leaders and selection committee

Professor Marie Louise Bech Nosch and professor Jens Hjorth are the leaders of the talent programme.

 ​​Caroline Reipurt Kristensen, Marie Louise Bech Nosch, Ulla Viskum, Jens Hjort

Marie Louise Bech Nosch

Professor Marie Louise Bech Nosch is a historian. She received her Ph.D. from Universität Salzburg, Austria. Her primary fields of research is Aegean epigraphy and Mycenaean textile production.

Marie Louise became a professor with specific assignments in 2009 and was the director of the Danish National Research Foundation's Centre for Textile Research from 2005 –to2016. She has been a professor at SAXO Institute since 2017.

You can find a list of Marie Louise's publications here.

Jens Hjorth

Professor Jens Hjorth is an astrophysicist. He received his Ph.D. from University of Aarhus. His primary fields of research is gamma-ray bursts, gravitational lensing, dark matter and dark energy in the Universe, high-redshift galaxies, and cosmological parameters.

Jens became a professor at the Niels Bohr Institute in 2004 and director of the Dark Cosmology Centre in 2005.

You can find a list of Jens' publications here.

The selection committee