Personnel Policy: Basic Principles

The personnel policy is characterised by respect for the values of the University of Copenhagen (KU) and for the integrity of each individual employee. The staff is the University’s most essential resource, and the personnel policy contributes to KU’s goal of being one of Europe’s leading universities:

  • KU is characterised by dedicated and independent employees, visionary, attentive and resolute management and by trusting and loyal cooperation.
  • KU attracts and retains the most qualified staff in all areas of employment.
  • KU is a sustainable and attractive workplace that offers challenging assignments, a good working environment and civilised manners.

1. Freedom and Co-responsibility

KU protects freedom of speech and research and makes room for creative and professional development of all employees with respect for the entire university community and the University’s overall objectives. Each individual employee is involved in and shares the responsibility for the organisation and completion of the work.

2. Qualified Management

KU is led by a professional and highly qualified management with a keen eye for the relation between the development of the University and the job satisfaction of its staff. Systematic management development is a high priority.

3. The Balance between Work and Leisure Time

KU aims to organise work so as to achieve a reasonable balance between tasks and working hours and between work and leisure time. The University offers flexible working conditions with due consideration for the requirements of KU and with due respect for the individual employee.

4. Secure Working Conditions

KU is a sustainable and healthy workplace with a working environment that supports each individual employee and creates job satisfaction. The University helps employees that are affected by a personal crisis, illness or reduced working capacity.

5. Rewarding Cooperation

KU’s staff carries out work in trusting cooperation and may expect that reliable and solid efforts are recognised and appreciated. Job satisfaction for everybody is a shared goal.

6. Diversity and Equality

KU appreciates diversity and guarantees equal treatment of all employees within the conditions of employment. The University makes a determined effort to achieve virtual gender equality.

7. Competitive Conditions

At KU, salary and employment conditions make it possible to attract and retain a highly qualified staff at all levels.

8. Continuous Professional Development

KU provides its staff with the opportunity to expand and renew individual qualifications. The University contributes to a good working life and a satisfying career for each individual employee, for example through annual staff development interviews.

9. Focus on Internationalisation

KU creates the framework for researchers and professional environments to reach a high international standard. The University attracts international employees and offers global qualifications including language skills to all employees.

10. On Time Information

KU aims for open and efficient communication at all levels and to keep its staff fully informed about rights and obligations as well as circumstances and decisions that affect the staff’s employment and working conditions.

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