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2 laboratory technician trainees are wanted for Department of Immunology and Microbiology, University of Copenhagen

The institute offers 2 laboratory technician trainees from February 2018 for 2 candidates who have passed the theoretical part of the education. The internship will last for one year.  
The institute belongs to the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen and performs research based on experiments, observations, fieldtrips and theory development in Immunology and microbiology.  
Internship  1:  will take place in the SURFACE team:  
The technician intern will be working as a member of the SURFACE team, Centre for Medical Parasitology.  The SURFACE team, led by Professor Lars Hviid, studies parasite antigens on the surface of erythrocytes infected by the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes (IEs), with a particular focus on immunological and functional characterization. Read more about the team here: CMP
The intern will mainly be engaged in supporting our research regarding the involvement of human serum factors in rosetting of infected erythrocytes. This will include the following key responsibilities: 
To carry out routine tasks, e.g., in vitro cultivation of malaria parasites, following strict methodologies 
To be co-responsible for all operational aspects of recombinant protein expression workflow, including parasite genomic DNA preparation, molecular cloning, protein expression and purification 
To be responsible of testing the ability of human serum factors to bind the recombinant proteins by ELISA 
Working hours 
The average working week is 37 hours; flexibility regarding working hours may be required as agreed between the trainee and the direct supervisor. 
Qualifications and skills 
The trainee is expected to have basic knowledge and hands-on training experience in molecular biology techniques, including molecular cloning, recombinant protein expression/purification and ELISA. 
The intern is expected to have the ability to learn specific practical techniques and apply them to solve experimental problems 
The intern should have excellent communication skills; English is a requirement as the team has members not speaking Danish 
The intern should have excellent organizational skills while remaining flexible 
Internship 2: Laboratory for Experimental Vaccinology at the Center for Medical Parasitology, Copenhagen University.
The team works with immunomodulatory agents and active immunotherapy as treatment of cancer and prophylaxis against viral infections. Our core method is to devise new immunization tools and therapeutic strategies and to test these for protection and immunogenicity in small animal models. 
The trainee (you) would be involved in: 1) the production of virus vectored vaccines (molecular biology, cell biology), QC (sequencing, protein expression and infectivity assays), 2) testing of the vaccines (animals handling, sampling and sectioning) and 3) measurements of immune responses (Flow Cytometry, ELISPOT, ELISA’s and serum inhibition assays). 
This palette of techniques is extensive and to exploit the opportunities offered it is important that the student is energetic, shows initiative and have good interpersonal skills. Proficiency in English is essential and is the working language of the group that contain 2 Danish, 1 Spanish, 1 German, 1 French and 1 Romanian member. Workwise, the student would start out in cell culture and vaccine production and gradually move on to animal experiments following successful acquisition of the animal handling license. The student would interact with all the group members and gradually be given the opportunity to take responsibility of specific lines of experiments. It is important for this interaction that the apprentice is eager to learn, and comfortable with the process of learning new tasks. 
Salary and terms of employment 
The terms for the position are set according to the collective agreement between the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Organizations of Public Employees - State Sector (OAO-S) and the trade union agreement for clerical staff, laboratory technicians and IT employees (HK/Stat).
Trainees over the age of 25 years when the position starts will get a salary corresponding to an adult trainee.
The application should include a copy of the transcript of the character from your first year of study and previous diploma.  
All applications are to be made through Copenhagen University’s online application platform, Jobportal: Apply by clicking "Apply now" link below. Please submit the application with the required attachments.  
The deadline for application is Friday 1. December 2017 at 23:59. 
Interviews of the applicants are expected to take place at CMP, week 50. 
After the interview everybody will be noticed. 
Further information 
If you need more information about the positions, please contact Lotte Nielsen phone  28889235 or email
The University of Copenhagen wishes to reflect the diversity of society and welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background. 

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Lotte Nielsen


Application deadline: 01-12-2017
Employment start: 01-02-2018
Working hours: Full time
Department/Location: Blegdamsvej 3B, 2200 København N

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